Getting Started with GooHost!

This Getting Started guide will help you start making the most of GooHost immediately!

You will learn how to:

  • HOST your domains
  • UPLOAD to your FTP

To learn how to set-up email addresses please log into your GooHost control panel, click on Knowledge Base and see the topics under Email Control.

Advanced Users - Quick Set-up Guide! (Beginners please skip this!)

If you want a detailed step-by-step guide please scroll down.

If you are used to web hosting then here is the information you need in summary:


To host a domain, change the DNS server to the ones above.

  1. Log into your control panel via
  2. Click DOMAIN CONTROL and add the domain
  3. Specify the folder e.g. HTDOCS/YOURDOMAIN.COM
  4. Log into your FTP using the username provided (You FTP server address is shown in the KNOWLEDGE BASE section of the control panel)
  5. Inside the HTDOCS folder create the FOLDER you specified in the control panel - for example YOURDOMAIN.COM
  6. Upload the files from your computer to the FOLDER you created
  7. Please wait 24-72 hours for you DNS changes to take effect
  8. Please allow 24 hours for the new domain to become active on the control panel
  9. You can now add email account by clicking on the EMAIL CONTROL link in the control panel

Step By Step Set-Up Guide

1. Change the DNS or Name Server settings of your domain

To do this you will need to log-in to the web site of the company that registered your domain name - if the company does not allow you to change the DNS settings online then you will need to call them to get them to change this. They will not charge you for this as you own the domain.

There are usually 2 DNS servers and they need to be changed to the following addresses:

Once you have changed this please allow up to 3 days for the effect to take place. This takes up to 3 days because the new IP addresses of the DNS servers need to be updated across the world so that your web site can be found by users of the Internet around the world!

While this is being updated you can continue onto step 2 to add your domain to the control panel.

2. You need to add your domain in the control panel

To add your domain to the control panel you need to first log into the control panel.

  1. Click on Log In link at the top of the page, this will take you to the control panel log in page.
  2. Enter the username and password you have been given.
  3. Log in and click DOMAIN CONTROL on the top navigation bar
  4. Click Add Domain then enter the name of your domain name - do not include WWW as this is already included.
  5. Enter the directory for the domain which can be any directory but as a rule your directory should be the same name as your domain, so therefore if your domain is MYDOMAIN.COM then in the directory field it should read /htdocs/ see below:
  6. Click Next and then click OK

3. You now need to create you directory you specified above in your FTP account

An FTP account is where all your files for your web site is stored, so you will first need to design your web site using a web design program like Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft Front Page and then you will need to put the files into this FTP Folder for your web site to show up online.

Before you continue you need to find your FTP address. To find this log into the GooHost online control panel click Knowledge Base, you will see an item called FTP Server which will contain an address next to it - something like:

Here's how to upload the files:

  1. Open up Internet Explorer and type in your FTP address in the Address Bar
  2. You will be asked for a username and password - enter the username and password you have been supplied with - this is the same as your control panel username and password
  3. You will now see 3 folders and a few files.
  4. The folders are CGI-BIN, HTDOCS and LOGS
  5. Double click on the HTDOCS folder - this is where you will create your domain directory
  6. Click on the FILE menu, click NEW and then click NEW FOLDER
  7. Name the folder the same name as you specified above in the Directory field when adding your domain. For example if you specified it to be /htdocs/ then name this folder
  8. Once the folder is created, double click on it and then find your web site files and drag and drop them into this folder from your computer
  9. Please remember that the page you want the web site to display when you go to it needs to be named either index.htm or index.php

That's it!

Once this is all done, it takes about 24 hours for the changes to take effect in our control panel and for the DNS is can take up to 3 days. Just check if its working by opening up Internet Explorer and by typing in your domain name in the address bar.

If you need any help you can refer to the Knowledge Base in the GooHost control panel or if you are stuck then you can just email us here!


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