The control panel is at the heart of all of our hosting packages. It allows you to control the features of your account like e-mail, domains, web statistics and much more. Its user-friendly graphical interface is very easy to use even by the most in-experienced of users.

Below is our online tour of the control panel so you can get a feel of what it can do.
Account details is a useful section on the control panel where account usage information is shown plus name servers, host names and other key bits of info for your account. You can also update your details, upgrade your account and change passwords.
Web tools is a section on the control panel which contains tools to help you use your account like a Java Tomcat manager, FrontPage manager, Graphical PHP admin interface and SSL info section.
Web Stats All domains on the system have full web statistics to allow you to monitor traffic for your domains. Using the multiple analysis tools available, you can see how your site is being used, where visitors have come from and much more.
Domain control was designed and created to give users full control over their domains. Very few other companies allow such control in this way. Using the control panel you get to select where you want to point your domains on your server. Giving you the flexibility needed to control an unlimited number of domain names. It is also possible to create unlimited sub-domains and edit existing domains on you account, view details of domains and where they are currently pointing
E-mail control gives you complete control over your e-mail at the touch of a button, enabling your to create and delete mailboxes, redirects, mailing lists and auto-responders.
All accounts come with access to our web-mail system, which allows you to receive e-mail through your web-browser. You can also send and delete mail from your mailboxes at touch of a button.
We have a full knowledge base with tutorials and how-tos to make setting up and running your account easier.

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